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Cooking & Baking

If home cooking is a passion of yours then you may well be aware that getting hold of ingredients can not always be easy.               At R.A. & J.S. Fletcher and sons we like to be able to solve that problem by stocking a wide range of specialist ingredients as well as the more regular ones for all your home cooking and baking needs.           We aim to have most if not all the specialist ingredients you will need for your home cooking and baking along with a wide range of oriental cooking ingredients too.

Below is a list of the products we sell for home cooking , baking and oriental cooking needs.

Baking Sundries:

Brown & Polson:

Cornflour - 250gr pack


Apple Pectin 250ml bottle

Dr Oetker:

Leaf Gelatine 13gr packets (8 Leaves)


Green Cuisine:

Pink Himalayan coarse salt - 80g Packet

Doves Farm:

Original Dry Yeast - 125gr drum

Quick Yeast 125gr packet

Green & Black's:

Dark Cooking Chocolate 150gr bar


Just Whole Foods:

All Natural Custard Powder - 100gr Packs

Lemon Flavoured Jelly Crystals - 85g Sachets

Herbs & Spices:

For all the herbs & spices we sell see the Herbs & Spices page.


Lazy Lemon & Lime:

Lemon Juice - 200ml

Lime Juice - 200ml

Maldon Sea Salt:

Sea Salt Flakes 250gr

For more salt see the Condiments page.

Marigold Swiss Bouillon Powder:

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder 150gr

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder REDUCED SALT 150gr

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder 1kg

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder REDUCED SALT 1kg

Engevita Yeast Flakes with Vitamins B12 - 125gr Drum


Gluten Free Baking Powder - 200gr drum

Non Gluten Free Baking Powder can found on The Jars page.

Vegetarian Sausage Mix - 350gr packets

More SUMA products can be found on our Tinned & Jarred Products page or Organic Products page

Taylor & Colledge:

Vanilla Bean Extract - 100ml bottle

Vanilla Bean Paste - 65gr jar

Vanilla Bean Grinder - 12gr works like a pepper mill but grinds vanilla pod into small pieces.

Chinese & Indian Cooking Ingredients:


Harissa Paste - 100gr Jars

Green Harissa Paste - 100gr Jars
Lemon Tagine Paste - 100gr Jars


Blue Dragon

Coconut Products:

Coconut Milk 400gr can

Light Coconut Milk 400gr can

Creamed Coconut 200gr block

Creamy Coconut - 250ml Tetra Pack


Medium Egg Noodles 300gr pack


Sesame Oil 150ml bottle


Green Curry Paste 220gr jar

Red Curry Paste 220gr jar


Chilli Dipping Sauce 190ml bottle

HOT Chilli Dipping Sauce - 190ml bottle

Mango Chilli Sauce - 190ml

Fish Sauce 150ml bottle (AKA NanPla)


Rich Hoi Sin Sauce 190ml bottle

Mirin - 150ml bottle


Oyster Sauce 150ml bottle

Sticky Plum Sauce 190ml bottle

Soy Sauce - Dark 150ml bottle

Soy Sauce - Light 150ml bottle

White Rice Vinegar 150ml bottle

Stir Fry Sauces:

Black Bean Sauce - 120gr sachet

Chow Mein Sauce - 120gr sachet

Oyster & spring Onion Sauce - 120gr sachet

Peking Lemon Sauce - 120gr sachet

Sweet & Sour Sauce - 120gr sachet

Sweet Chilli & Garlic sauce - 120gr sachet

Thai Basil & Lemongrass Sauce - 120gr sachet


Bamboo Shoots 225gr can

Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts mix 225gr can

Bean Sprouts 410gr can

Water Chestnuts 225gr can 


Curry Pastes:

Balti Curry Paste 283gr jar

Korma Curry Paste - 290gr jar

Madras Curry Paste 283gr jar

Tandoori Paste - 312gr jar

Tikka Masala Paste - 283gr jar


Plain Pappadums 100gr packet



Organic Miso Psste - 300gr jar


Organic Self-Raising Wholemeal 1kg

Pasta Flour 1kg

Doves Farm

Flours for baking:

Organic Plain White Flour 1kg

Organic White Self-Raising Flour 1kg

Organic Plain Wholemeal Flour 1kg

Buckwheat Flour Sold Loose

Rice Flour Sold Loose

Gram Flour Sold Loose

Gluten Free White Self-Raising Flour 1kg 

Flours for bread making:

Organic Strong White Flour 1.5kg

Organic Strong Wholemeal 1.5kg


Organic Barley Corn Flour1kg

Organic White SPELT Flour 1kg

Organic Wholemeal SPELT Flour 1kg

Organic Wholegrain Rye Flour 1kg


Flours for baking:

Plain White Flour 1.5kg

Self-Raising Flour 1.5kg


Flours for bread making:

Strong White Flour 1.5kg

Strong Wholemeal Flour 1.5kg

Organic Country Fayre Malted Brown Flour 1.5kg

Canadian Very Strong White Flour 1.5kg

Canadian Very Strong Wholemeal Flour 1.5kg

Golden Wholegrain plain Flour 1kg


Organic Coconut Flour - 500gr

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar - 500gr

Oils & Fats:


Beef Suet - 250gr packet


RAW Organic Coconut Oil - 200gr jar

Mild / Odourless Organic Coconut Oil - 470ml Jar

Filippo Berrio Olive Oils:

Pure Olive Oil - 250ml

Pure Olive Oil - 500ml

Pure Olive Oil Mild & Light - 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

Hider Foods:

Goose Fat - 180gr

Duck Fat - 180gr


Vegetabale Suet 250gr

For more Suma pruducts see the Tinned & Jarred page.

Wharfe Valley Farms:

Rape Seed Oil 500ml

See the Condiments page for Wharfe Valley Farm Salad Dressings



Truffle Hunter:

English Truffle Oil - 100ml

Truffle Oil can be used as a finishing oil by adding it to dishes just before serving.           It can also be added to rissoto, pasta, pizza, cooked vegetables, meat or fish dishes as well as mushroom, cheese or egg based dishes.

Suitable for Vegetarians and is GMO Free

Pasta & Pasta Sauces:

Delverde Pasta:

White Nests:

Egg Tagliatelle 250gr packets

Doves Farm:

Gluten & Wheat Free Organic Maize & Rice Fusilli - 500gr packs

Gluten & Wheat Free Organic Brown Rice Penne - 500gr Packs

Speciality Pasta:

Tricolore Twists 500gr


White Macaroni 500gr packet

La Bio Idea Organic Pasta:

White Pasta:

Farfalle 250gr packet

Lasagne Sheets 250gr packet (Pre Cooked)

Penne 500gr packet

Spaghetti 500gr packet

Vermicelli 500gr

Wholewheat Pasta:

Linguine 500gr packet

Macoroni 500gr packet

Penne 500gr packet

Spaghetti 500gr packet


Organic Mushroom Pasta sauce - 440gr jar

Organic Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce - 350gr jar

Organic Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce - 440gr jar



Organic Passata - 680gr jar Sieved Tomatoes


Tomato Puree in Tubes 140gr


Garlic Puree 110gr tube

Sun Dried Tomato Puree 110gr tube


Organic Tomato Puree 200gr tube

Stock, Stock Cubes & Powder

Atkins& Potts:

Beef Stock - 350gr Pouches
Chicken Stock - 350gr Pouches
Vegetable Stock - 350gr Pouches



See the Organic and Gluten Free pages for listing.

Marigold Swiss Bouillon Powder:

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder 150gr

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder reduced salt 150gr

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder 1kg

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder reduced salt 1kg

All these products are Gluten Free

Sugars & Sweeteners:

Billingtons Sugar:

Demerara Sugar - 500gr packet

Golden Caster Sugar - 1kg packet

Golden Granulated Sugar - 1kg packet


Molasses Sugar - 500gr packet

Dark Muscovado Sugar - 500gr packet

Light Muscovado Sugar - 500gr packet


Fruit Sugar - 250gr box        The Low GI Sugar (Glycaemic Index)

Fruisana Fruit Sugar, or frutose, can be used on all types of food or drink except you could use up to 33% less compared to ordinary cane sugar with the same taste of sugar.

Lyle's Golden Syrup & Black Treacle:

Golden Syrup - 454gr tin

Black Treacle - 454gr tin

Meridian Foods:

Barley Malt Extract - 370gr jar

Organic Blackstrap Molasses - 740gr

Yeast Extract - 340gr jar With Salt & Vitamin B12


Blackstrap Molasses - 340gr jar

Organic Black Treacle - 340gr jar

Tate & Lyle Cane Sugar:

Caster Sugar - 500gr packet

Granulated Sugar - 1kg packet



Icing Sugar - 500gr packet

Brown Cubed Sugar - 500gr box

White Cubed Sugar - 500gr box



Apple Balsamic Vinegar 350ml

Cyder Vinegar 350ml

Organic Cyder Vinegar 500ml

Organic Raw Unfiltered Cyder Vinegar (with Mother) 500ml

Organic Cyder Vinegar 1 Ltr

Organic Red Wine Vinegar 350ml

Organic White Wine Vinegar 350ml


Balsamic Vinegar 250ml

Balsamic Vinegar 500ml


New products are coming in regularly and will be added to this page.

Please look out for new products being added.

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