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R.A. & J.S. Fletcher and Sons

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Grange Over Sands, Cumbria

LA11 7EY


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Monday to Saturday 

7:00 a.m. - 5:00p.m.


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At R.A. & J.S. Fletcher and Sons you can find a wide selection of different beverages from Fruit Juices and Waters to Teas and Hot Chocolates along with a range of carbonated drinks that are great to drink any time of year but very popular in the summer in warmer weather and cordials that are great to drink hot in the winter or cold in the summer.

Below is a full listing of all the beverages we sell.


GRUMPY MULE ground Coffee:

Brazilian Daterra Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 3

Organic Fairtrade Sumartra Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 4

Organic Fairtrade Decaffinated Sumartra Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 3

Guatemalan Pocola Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 4


Panama Esmeralda Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 3

Peruvian Cafe Femenino Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 3

Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ground Coffee - 227gr Strength 2

Organic Columbian Coffee Beans - 227gr


BELVOIR Cordials: 

Raspberry & Rose Cordial - 500ml Bottles

Elderflower & Rose Cordial- 500ml Bottles

Elderflower Cordial - 500ml Bottles

Honey Lemon & Ginger - 500ml Bottles




Ginger Cordial - 500ml Bottles

Lime & Lemongrass Cordial - 500ml Bottles

Raspberry & Lemon Cordial - 500ml Bottles

Blueberry & Blackcurrant Cordial - 500ml Bottles

Mango & Peach Cordial - 500ml Bottles


Wild Elderflower Cordial 330ml Bottles

Wild Nettle Cordial 375ml Bottles

Drinking Chocolate & Cocoa:

CLIPPER Drinking Chocolate:

Organic Drinking Chocolate 350gr Drums


Organic Cocoa 125gr Drums

Organic Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 300gr Drums

Fruit & Vegetable Juices:

CAWSTON PRESS Fruit & Vegetable Juices:

Cawston Press fruit juices are 100% fruit juice NOT made from concentrate and have nothing artificial added to the ingredients.                 The juice can be stored at ambient temperature but are best served chilled and stored chilled once open.


Cloudy Apple Juice - 1ltr Cartons

Apple & Elderflower Juice - 1ltr Cartons

Apple & Ginger Juice - 1ltr Cartons

Apple & Rhubarb - 1ltr Cartons

Brilliant Beetroot Jiuce - 1ltr Cartons


                                                  Rabenhorst Organic Fruit Juices:

                                                  Cherry Nectar 750ml bottles

                                                  Prune Juice 750ml bottles

Stute Fruit Juices:

Apple Juice 1Ltr carton

Cranberry Juice 1Ltr carton

Orange Juice 1Ltr carton

Red Grape Juice 1Ltr carton


James White:

BIG TOM Spiced Tomato Juice 750ml

Beetroot Juice 750ml bottle


Soft Drinks:

Belvoir Fruit Farm Juices:

Elderflower Presse 750ml Bottle

Elderflower & Rose Presse 750ml Bottle

Belvoir Fruit Farm Presse drinks are a sparkling, Non Alcoholic drink made from freshly picked flowers and spices, pressed, infused and cooked on thier farm.          The drinks are made using natural ingredients with no colours, artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives.          Just a naturally delicious drink.


Curiosity Cola 275ml Bottles

Dandelion & Burdock 275ml Bottles

Lime & Jasmine 275ml Bottles


Ginger Beer 275ml Bottles

Rose Lemonade 275ml Bottles

Seville Orange Jigger 275ml Bottles


Lemon Shandy 275ml Bottles

Victorian Lemonade 275ml Bottles

Wild English Elderflower 275ml Bottles


Cherry Cola 750ml Bottles

Curiosity Cola 750ml Bottles

Dandelion & Burdock 750ml Bottles

Ginger Beer 750ml Bottles


Rose Lemonade 750ml Bottles

Wild Elderflower - 750ml Bottles



Organic Sleep Easy - 20s



Fennel Tea - 50s

Licorice & Oriental Spices - 20s

Morning Time - 50s

Night Time (Camomile) - 50s


Nettle Tea - 20s

Nettle Tea - 50s

Peppermint Tea - 50s

Raspberry Leaf Tea - 50s


Night Time - 20s
Relax - 20s

Rooibos & Honeybush tea with Ginseng - 20s​

Three Ginger Tea - 20s



QI Green Teas:

Organic Ginkgo Green Tea - 25s

Organic Jasmine Tea - 25s

Organic Jasmine Tea - Loose Leaf


TWININGS Loose Teas:

Assam loose tea - 125gr Packs

Earl Grey loose tea - 125gr Packs

English Breakfast loose tea - 125gr Packs

Lady Grey loose tea - 125gr Packs




TWININGS Teas in Bags:

Assam Tea in teabags - 50s

Afternoon Tea in teabags - 50s

Chai teabags - 20s

Golden Darjeeling teabags - 20s


Earl Grey teabags - 50s

Decaffeinated Earl Grey teabags - 50s

English Breakfast teabags - 50s

Decaffeinated English Breakfast teabags - 50s 


Lady Grey - 50s

Smoky Lapsang Souchong -20s


TWININGS Green Teas:

Green Tea with Mint - 20s

Light & Delicate Green Tea with lemon - 20s 

Pineapple & Grapefruit Green Tea - 20s

Pure Green Tea - 20s

TWININGS Infusions:

Blueberry & Apple Tea in bags - 20s

Camomile Tea in bags - 20s

Camomile & Spiced Apple Tea in bags- 20s

Cranberry & Raspberry Tea in bags - 20s

Echinacea & Raspberry Tea in bags - 20s

Fennel Tea in bags - 20s

Lemon & Ginger Tea in bags - 20s


Pomegranite & Raspberry Tea in bags - 20s

Pure Peppermint Tea in bags - 20s



Still - Spring Water 1.5ltr PET Bottle

Sparkling - Spring Water 1.5ltr PET Bottle



New Products are coming regularly, so please keep looking out for new lines being added to this page.

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