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Chilled & Frozen Products.

At R.A. & J.S. Fletcher & Sons we sell a wide range of fresh dairy products from fresh milk and cream to yogurts, cheese and Icecream along with much more.              To get the selection of products we sell and stock the best available, we find Longley Farm products take alot to be beaten.        So where possible we stock Longley Farm as the main brand.                  We also sell a range of Goats Milk products and Fresh Non Dairy products in the chilled section.

Listed below are all the Longley Farm products we sell along with all the other chilled and frozen products too. 


150ml Double Cream

250ml Jersey Double Cream

150ml Single Cream

250ml Jersey Single Cream

150ml Whipping Cream

250ml Whipping Cream 

142ml Soured Cream


150gr Fruit Yogurts:



Black Berry & Apple (Low Fat)

Red Cherry (Low Fat)

Black Currant


Gooseberry (Low Fat)



Peach Melba



Strawberry & Rhubarb (Low Fat)


All Longley Farm fruit yogurts are Gluten Free, for more Gluten Free products please see our Gluten Free Products Page.

Natural Yogurts:

150gr Natural(Full Fat & Live)

454gr Natural (Full Fat & Live)

454gr BA Natural (Low Fat & Live)

Creme Fraiche:

200gr creme Fraiche (Full Fat)

Fromage Frai:

Fromage Frai 200gr (Full Fat)

Cottage Cheese:

125gr Natural Cottage Cheese

250gr Natural Cottage Cheese

250gr Low Fat Natural Cottage Cheese

250gr Cottage with Chives

250gr Cottage Cheese with Pineapple

Coleslaw & Dips:

Fresh Coleslaw 227gr

Fresh Houmous 245gr

Fresh Potato Salad 227gr

Fresh Taramosalata 245gr


Fresh Guacamole Dip 150gr

Fresh Tzatziki Dip 170gr

Butter Milk:

500ml Butter Milk



Sticky Chocolate Pudding - 400gr

Sticky Toffee Pudding - 400gr

Lyle's Syrup Sponge Pudding 500gr

In the dairy range of products we sell, you will also find the following:

Dewley Cheeses:

200gr Mature Cheddar

200gr Creamy Lancashire 

200gr Crumbly Lancashire

200gr Double Gloucester

200gr Garstang Light (reduced fat)

200gr Red Leicester

Belton Farm Red Fox Cheese:

Belton Farm Red Fox Cheese

Red Leicester Cheese with a Cunningly Unexpected Crunch

 Sold in pre-packs of various weights and priced by the kilo.

Colliers Welsh Cheddar:

If its a strong cheddar you like then COLLIERS WELSH CHEDDAR is well worth trying.     Its sold in pre-packs of various weights that are priced by weight.

Lubborn Creamery Somerset Brie:

Lubborn Creamery SOMERSET BRIE

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire Cheese:

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire.  Sold in pre-packs of various weights and priced by the kilo.

Rachels Organic Yogurt:

450gr Organic Plain Greek Style yogurt

450gr Organic Greek Style Yogurt with Ginger

For More Organic Products See The "Organic Products" Page.


Cooking Fat:


Kilverts Lard - 250gr packs


Trex Vegetable Fat - 500gr packs

Caron Lodge Butters:

250gr Unsalted Butter

250gr Salted Butter

Other Cheeses:

250gr Ricotta Cheese

250gr Mascopone Cheese

200gr Feta Cheese

250gr Halloumi Cheese

200gr Parmezan Wedges

125gr Mozzerella Balls

200gr Philadelphia Cheese

Delamere Goats Milk Products:

150gr Hard Goats Cheese

125gr Spreadable Goats Cheese

450gr Plain Goats Yogurt

250gr Goats Butter


Meat Products:

RB WOODALL of Waberthwaite:

Cumbrian Air Dried Ham (Traditionally Dry Cured) - 80gr Packs

Black Pudding - 1 Ring

Black Pudding - 2 Rings

Pancetta - 100gr Packs

For anybody who is dairy intolerent or just prefers the dairy alternative to yogurt, we sell a range of fresh soya yogurts in the chilled cabinet.

In the range of fresh soya yogurts we sell the following lines.

Provamel Chilled Soya Yogurts: 

500gr Organic Strawberry Yofu

500gr Organic Vanilla Yofu

500gr Organic Natural Soya Yogurt

4x125gr Organic Peach & Mango Yofu

4x125gr Organic Raspberry & Vanilla Yofu

4x125gr Organic Red Cherry Yofu

For more soya products see the Dairy Free products page

In store we also stock a range of frozen products including Fish, Soft Fruits and Vegetables, Pastry and Icecream.                The Icecream we sell comes from "English Lakes" in Kendal Cumbria and due to its quality and popularity we have been a stockist of English Lakes icecream now for many years.

Recently added to the frozen food list we have started selling "Quorn" for people requiring a substitute to meat.

Listed below is the full range of frozen foods we sell.

Ice Cream:

1/2 Ltr Double Jersey Ice Cream

1 Ltr Double Jersey Ice Cream

2 Ltr Double Jersey Ice Cream

1 Ltr Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Ltr Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Ltr Reduced Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream - Suitable for Diabetics.

1 Litre Flavoured Ice Cream:

Blackberry Fool


Death by Chocolate

Manhatten - a blend of the Double Jersey Ice Cream with a toffee sauce , chocolate chips, pecans and a butterscotch sauce.

Crushed Strawberry

Thunder & lightening - a blend of the Double Jersey Ice Cream with cinder toffee and chocolate sauce.



Jus Rol Pastry:

Puff Pastry

Short Crust Pastry

St James:

400gr Filo Pastry

Quorn Meat Free Alteratives

Quorn Bacon Style Strips 150gr

Quorn Burgers 200gr

Quorn Chicken Style Pieces 300gr

Quorn Family Roast (chicken style) 454gr

Quorn Garlic & Herb Fillets 200gr

Quorn Mince 300gr

Quorn Sausages in a bag - 336gr

The Real Lancashire Pudding Co:


Vegetarian Black Pudding - 200gr

A Meat Free Alternative Black Pudding that tastes like the real thing.

Soft Fruits & Vegetables:

Soft Fruit: 








All the above come in various weights.

500gr Summer Fruits - a mixture of Blackberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Gooseberries, Raspberries & Redcurrants.


Peas - in aprx. 454gr bags, sold by weight.



Icelandic Luxury size prawns - Cooked & Peeled.

King Prawns - Cooked & Peeled

King Prawns - Raw in Shell

King Prawns - Raw out of Shell


454gr packs Whitbey Scampi


60gr Morcambe Bay Potted Shrimps


Cartmel Valley Smoke House Smoked Salmon - 100gr Packs


Whitebait fillets

New products are coming in regularly so please look out for further products being added to this page.

This page was last updated 28/05/2015

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